Free MRI Review

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Even if you feel confident in the accuracy of your diagnosis, it always wise to get a second opinion. Your health is way too important to not consider all your options.

Dr. Myles Free MRI Evaluation Institute of Spinal Disorders

Get a free review of your MRI from Dr. Robert Myles, offering over 22 years of experience and expertise as a renowned orthopedic spine surgeon.

You should seek our free review if you:
  • Have been recommended surgery, but you want to explore all your options
  • Have had an MRI scan
  • Have questions regarding the result, whether it was positive or negative
  • You are wondering about other treatment options
  • You want to know if the latest techniques are available for you

How to get your free MRI evaluation

  • Drop off your MRI films and report. You do not need an appointment
  • Please complete and drop off MRI Review Form with your MRI
  • Your films and report will be reviewed and you will be contacted with the observations.
A free MRI review from the Institute of Spinal Disorders can help you be better informed in assessing all your options and the latest techniques available. Whether you just need a second opinion or are searching for a premier surgeon to evaluate your condition, we can help you.

Please call our office today at 817-288-0084 or click here for information about our Free MRI Review or other services offered at the Institute of Spinal Disorders.