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Dr. Myles has 22 years of experience in performing various types of spinal fusions.

Spinal fusion is a surgery that joins selected bones in the neck. It is designed to stop the motion at a painful vertebral segment, which in turn decreases pain generated from the joint. While there are many different approaches to conducting a spinal fusion surgery, they all involve adding bone graft to grow between the two vertebral elements and to create a fusion which hinders motion at that segment.

There are several types of spinal fusion surgery options, including:

  • Posterolateral gutter fusion
  • Posterior lumber interbody fusion
  • Anterior lumber interbody fusion
  • Anterior/posterior spinal fusion
  • Anterior/posterior cervical fusion

A spinal fusion surgical procedure can play an important role to take back your back. If you are experiencing pain and would like to know more about your treatment options, including spinal fusion, please call our office today.