Stem Cell Treatment

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A new and emerging treatment, Stem Cell Treatment is establishing itself as a promising alternative offered at the Institute of Spinal Disorders.

Stem cell research has allowed Dr. Myles to create a fusion of bones without taking actual bone tissue from the body. This does not require an additional incision and provides the patient with reduced post operative complications. When performing Stem Cell Treatment, Dr. Myles obtains the patient's own stem cells from their iliac crest (or the upper part of the hip bone) by inserting a needle and withdrawing the bone marrow, which is rich in stem cells. Once the bone marrow has been collected from the patient, the stem cells within are extracted from the marrow and are embedded into other pieces of bone, often referred to as a bone matrix. These pieces of bone, which are impregnated with stem cells, are then placed into the "gaps", or into the area(s) where bone fusion/bone growth is needed.

Overtime, these stem cells will develop into actual bone- this process is referred to as Osteogenesis- and the end result is a filling-in of mature bone, where once, there was just empty space.

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